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GitHub Issues

GitHub Issues

Our issues page is kept up to date with bugs, improvements, and feature requests. There is a taxonomy of labels to help with sorting and discovery of issues of interest.

If you're looking for help with your code, consider posting a question on the GitHub Discussions board. Please understand that we won't be able to provide individual support via email. We also believe that help is much more valuable if it's shared publicly, so that more people can benefit from it.

  • Describing your issue: Try to provide as many details as possible. What exactly goes wrong? How is it failing? Is there an error? "XY doesn't work" usually isn't that helpful for tracking down problems. Always remember to include the code you ran and if possible, extract only the relevant parts and don't just dump your entire script. This will make it easier for us to reproduce the error.

  • Sharing long blocks of code or logs: If you need to include long code, logs or tracebacks, you can wrap them in <details> and </details>. This collapses the content so it only becomes visible on click, making the issue easier to read and follow.

Issue labels

See this page for an overview of the system we use to tag our issues and pull requests.

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Async API
Integrating documents with prompt variables
Building chatbots with System Message
Integrating Langfuse with Langflow


FlowRunner Component
Conversation Chain
Buffer Memory
MidJourney Prompt Chain
CSV Loader
Serp API Tool
Multiple Vector Stores
Python Function
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